Use Racism and Discrimination to Ruin Your Job Search

When I wrote  about recruiters a few days ago and talked about Steve Levy I clicked over to read some of his posts. I always like reading Steve’s stuff – he tells it like it is, is brutally honest, and has a great perspective.  Steve is an awesome person.

This post, though, made me sick.  For two reasons.  First, I hate this type of discrimination.  Second, I can’t believe someone would have such a lapse of judgement to actually write this to someone else.

Steve’s post is titled When a Candidate Hates Pakistanis, Indians and other H1B Visa Holders.

Yes, it really is as bad as you think.

Steve reached out to a candidate who he was interested in, and the response he got back (via email) ranted about people with H1B visas (amongst other things). Read it here.

How stupid are people?

This candidate totally closed the door to a relationship with Steve, and anyone Steve would network with.

This candidate painted himself as a “DO NOT TOUCH” potential lawsuit.

I know it’s stressful out there, folks, but responding to someone you don’t really know, and changing their perspective about you from favorable to NO WAY is not a good job search tactic.

I know the job search stinks.  Check out this post I wrote a few years ago, though, on what and how to communicate as a job seeker: I Smell Blood!

This person reeks of blood, and no one is going to touch him.

Please, please, please be careful what you communicate, to who, and how you do it!

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