Doostang Thoughts on Staying Focused in a Job Search

Doostang wrote a post on how to stay focused on a job search.  In the first paragraph they say the DOL says Americans, on average, spend 18 minutes a day searching for a job.  Oh My Gosh.  Don’t even get me started. Here’s my rant on this: The 10 Hour Job Search – Seriously.

Anyway, here are Doostang’s tips to stay focuses:

Break the routine: basically, have variety, instead of spending hours online tweaking your resume and searching on job boards (or, as I like to say, hiding from your job search behind the computer)

Set a goal for yourself: they give some examples of goals, although I would recommend goals that focus on making network contacts and having informational interviews…

Rock out: agreed – listening to music is a big part of my life.  Seth Godin wrote about this, talking about my friend Kelly the Startup Princess and having a theme song.

The buddy system: the key here is to have an “accountability partner.” Just knowing you’ll have to report to someone might help motivate you to get the job done, even doing the stuff you’d rather put off.

Good tips (read the post here)… I’d love to know what others say are strong tips to stay focused…

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