Thoughts on Changing Industries

As I speak throughout the country I hear a common question:

What do this stuff mean if I’m changing industries?

“This stuff” refers to my ideas on network and branding.

My presentations are filled with principles, so they apply to all levels (entry level through executive), and all industries.

If you are changing industries, do you still need to network?


You might network a bit differently, since you are a newcomer, and are just finding new contacts in the industry that is new to you.

You should have fun networking your way into the industry. If you aren’t having fun, you are doing it wrong.  I’m not saying you have to be extroverted, but networking the right way is fun.

You should work on getting real relationships, not superficial relationships.

If you are changing industries, do you still need to work on your personal brand?


Your branding strategy might be a bit different, but conceptually it’s all the same.  The thing to focus on, as you move into your new industry, is helping people understand your transferable skills (and passions, experience, etc.).

You’ll need to help people understand WHAT your past means to them now, more than if you weren’t changing industries.  Read this post on how I think we need to connect the dots for people (too often we assume they’ll connect the dots on their own, in the right way).

I love hearing a resume writer say “your resume is not your obituary!”  It is not a list of past accomplishments as much as it is a foreward looking marketing document.

Get this perspective and your communication and network and branding should all be aligned, in the right direction, to help you as you look for your next gig, whether it’s in this industry or another.

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