Money Isn’t Everything – Things You Can Negotiate Besides Salary

How well do you know how to negotiate?

It’s good to keep in mind when you’re in the negotiation phase of joining a company, that money isn’t everything and that there are many negotiables besides salary.

First off, this is not an article about salary negotiation; that’s an entirely different animal and one you should master by reading elsewhere, for instance, here.

This article is strictly about other areas of a job package that you can negotiate.

Consider this example:

A young woman I know found herself at a point in the interview process where she was asked what salary the company would have to offer in order to get her onboard. She caved and named a figure (a big mistake in almost any case). Not surprisingly, the interviewer countered with a salary much lower than that. The woman then countered the counter only to have that counter countered. Counter-productive, to be sure.

When the woman reached a point where nothing could be gained by further salary negotiations, she wised up, shifted gears, and negotiated her title. Since the title of the job she was interviewing for struck her as vague and not one that would advance her career, and since the job involved writing and research, two of this woman’s future ambitions, she successfully proposed that her title be Writer and Research Coordinator. This savvy move made later career advancement easier because she could officially proclaim herself a professional writer and researcher.

What else can you negotiate?

Negotiate Parking

Depending on where you live, parking can be expensive. Consider suggesting that your new company cover your parking costs. Flex time is another negotiable, and if already available, you might be able to negotiate for more.

Negotiate Vacation Time

Vacation time is something to think about. Consider asking for more if what they’re offering in terms of salary falls short or if the vacation plan seems skimpy. Would an intern make your work-life easier? Your new employer might be willing to provide one.

More things you can negotiate

Here’s a list of other possibilities:

  • Dues for professional memberships
  • A schedule that allows you to work from home
  • A signing bonus
  • Tuition reimbursement
  • Paid conference attendance
  • A first-year bonus
  • Car allowance

Remember: you have to do your own needs assessment for this to be most effective, because virtually anything that impacts your ability to do your job can be negotiated.

Good luck! We are here for you!

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