Target Companies: Another Company Research Tool

Following up on last week’s post about doing company research before a job interview, I wanted to share another solid resource – one that I use regularly.

TechCrunch is one of the top websites in the world – they blog about technology companies.  They have developed a database of company information at CrunchBase, where you can find things like:

  • recent/current news on the company
  • management information (they should link those to LinkedIn accounts, or LinkedIn searches)
  • funding information (how much has a company taken, and who funded them)
  • who the competition might be
  • traffic analysis (on their website)
  • links to posts about the company on TechCrunch,
  • … and more.

This really is a cool resource.  It’s heavy on tech companies, of course, but if that is where you are looking, don’t neglect CrunchBase as a tool for company research (or, to find target companies that are new to you 🙂

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