How To Have An Awesome Job Search Interview

Here’s another JobMob post, written by Nettie Feldman of the Afternoon Schmooze talk show. This one is titled 6 Standout Job Interview Tips from a Professional Interviewer.  Nettie says:

  1. Look memorable. She says to stand out subtly… not too flashy, but something that will stand out.  I’m fashion-challenged, so this would be hard for me 🙂 I like to hope my personality and smile would help me stand out, visually.
  2. Pretend you’re the host. She says “so much of the interview can depend on the chemistry,” and you should consider a role where you want to make them feel comfortable.  This should definitely make you more comfortable, which might help you answer the questions with more ease.
  3. Speak memorably. she says to actually memorize some of your responses, and deliver them with a hook. I totally agree.  I thought I could wing interviews but I found that those who had prepared, and didn’t do it off-the-cuff, has significantly better performances than… me.
  4. Deflect trick questions. She gives an example of how to keep yourself from digging a hole and getting into it.  Read her example here.
  5. Finesse dumb questions. There are a lot of dumb questions in an interview!  You really should be ready for them, and figure out how to respond to them before the interview.
  6. Smile. She says “seasoned interviewers can smell fear.” I agree… even unseasoned interviewers will smell it.  She says that smiling can melt your fear away.

What job search interview tip would you add to this list?

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