Target Companies: How to do Company Research for a Job Interview

I am a huge fan of having a list of target companies.  I just read a post on JobMob (guest written buy Nisa Chitakasem) on how to research a company before the big interview.  Nisa is writing from the UK, so some of the stuff she says might not apply, but in general it’s good advice.  Her tips are (read the entire post here):

  1. Start with the job description. She says you can “glean information on your department or function area” from the job description.
  2. Use the Internet. Go to the company website, browse other websites to see what people are saying about the company, look for their execs on social websites, etc.
  3. Read the small print. On the company website you might find investor info and the site map, both of which can have good info to help you prepare.
  4. Connect through LinkedIn. Connecting with company employees on LinkedIn might lead to an informational interview.
  5. Watch the news. I wouldn’t recommend this (time sink), but I would recommend you go to news sites (or just Google) to read up on the news.
  6. Get on the phone. Simply call the company and ask to talk to someone. She suggests talking with HR – I would not recommend that.  But yes, talk to someone at the company 🙂
  7. What does your agency know? Referring to a recruiting shop – if a recruiter helped you get their, ask them lots of questions (she has a list of questions here).

Are you doing enough company research before the interview?  I remember when I was interviewing candidates it was amazing to see who was prepared for the interview and who came to just wing it.

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