5 Ways to Stand Out on Your Real Estate Resume

by guest author, James Durr

Create a killer real estate resume with these tips from an industry expert.

The world of real estate has always been fairly competitive for job-seekers. However, now that the sector is employing greater levels of automation, demand for roles of this kind far outstrips supply!

What’s more, the current job market is highly saturated – whatever position you are seeking.

For these reasons, you’ll need to design a resume that really stands out if you want to pursue a career in property. In this article, we offer key advice that will set you head and shoulders above the rest.

Clearly Explain Why You Are Applying

Many applicants across sectors fail to fully answer the most straightforward question of them all: “why do you want this role?” This topic can actually be broken down into two parts: “what can this next step do for your career?” and “what can you bring to this position that others can’t?”

Many applicants answer one of these parts but not the other. If you can think of a succinct and engaging way to respond to both, you’re off to an excellent start.

Demonstrate “Real-World Experience”

Anyone can research the ins and outs of the real estate industry, but theoretical knowledge will nearly always be passed over for the lived experience.

While it’s certainly a good idea to show a strong understanding of the basic facts and figures, such as the typical cost to sell a house or apartment in 2022, revealing that you have assisted in the sale of the property yourself recently is a surefire way to stand out.

Present Facts and Figures

You may be able to reel off a list of previous related roles, but unless these details are displayed with great clarity, it can be difficult for employers to see how exactly they are relevant – and how you measure up against other candidates.

This information should always be presented in a quantifiable manner. For example, do you have any kind of data related to your performance? Be sure to include it.

Call Attention to Career Highlights

Don’t hide your light under a bushel – pick your top two or three career highlights and include them in the descriptions of the relevant positions in which you achieved them.

Doing this suggests that you are a goal-oriented individual who is proud of your accomplishments and will always strive to hit every target they can. What’s more, presenting notable tidbits of information about your career will give your potential employers something to look forward to discussing with you in an interview setting.

Reveal Non-Work Related Achievements

Many real estate positions require candidates that are personable and engaging. After all, you may need to build a rapport with a potential buyer as you show them around a property, for example.

For this reason, many employers in the sector will favor resumes that feature interesting facts about your life outside of work. Been on a particularly impressive expedition? Raised thousands for charity? Include this information. It shows that you are well-rounded and proactive, and says a great deal about you as a person and the additional strengths that you will bring to the table.

It may also reveal that you have an untapped niche skillset that others do not possess.

The Wrap Up

Of course, all of the above needs to be presented in an attractive and well-organized document containing up-to-date details of your contact information and education.

By following the five basic tips in this article, you’ll be well on your way to creating a unique and engaging resume that will effectively grab the attention of your future employers.

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About the author: James Durr, has been a property buyer and developer for almost 2 decades. As one of the co-founders of a leading UK home buying firm, he has accumulated a vast amount of knowledge in speaking effectively and empathetically with property owners and business owners to find genuine win-win solutions.

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