Non-Mechanic Careers For Car Fanatics

by Guest Author, Lucy Wyndham

According to the Center for Automotive Research, the automobile industry directly employs over 1.7 million people in the United States. If you are currently choosing a career or looking into a career change, this may be an industry to look into. But what if you love cars, but are not a mechanical or engineering genius? People love cars for many reasons – they may love driving them, talking about them, or even designing them. If you are a car fanatic but aren’t overly interested in what goes on under the bonnet, one of these careers may be for you.

Driver: For Those Who Love Being Behind The Wheel

If driving cars is what you love most in the world, being a professional driver could be the perfect job for you. Driving for apps like Uber or Lyft means you get to spend the day in your own car and meet all kinds of people. If you are a genius at finding your way through your city, being a taxi driver or personal chauffeur may suit you best. If you like big vehicles and your own company, you may enjoy working as a truck driver. If you want to try driving lots of different cars, consider working as a valet. Lastly, if you have a need for speed and danger, you may even become a stunt driver.

Auto Salesperson: For The Sweet Talker

If you love talking about cars and are a people person, becoming an auto salesperson could be a great path for you. Auto salespeople need to be incredibly knowledgeable about cars, as well as have a likable and persuasive personality. This job will require you to be on your feet and interact with customers all day long. It is also ideal if you have experience working as a salesperson or in the customer service industry. Many auto salespeople come to their job through the love of a particular kind of vehicle – for example, if you could talk about Audis all day long, you may want to work at an Audi dealership.

Car Detailer: For The Detail Oriented

Car detailers may not be the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about desirable careers. However, keeping cars in pristine condition is a highly important job. It isn’t just about keeping a car looking good: it’s also about maintaining it so that it doesn’t rust or deteriorate. Car detailing is different from a car wash – it is much more thorough and requires more expertise. Being a car detailer requires having an eye for detail and a commitment to thoroughness. If you love keeping cars in mint condition, this could be the job for you.

Automotive Journalist / Historian: For The Writer

Perhaps you are obsessed with cars, but you are a writer at heart. There are in fact many different kinds of careers that involve writing about cars. One option is to be a car journalist and write stories about the industry for a car magazine, newspaper, or blog. As a successful car journalist, you will have the opportunity to attend events and interview car company reps about the latest models. If you’re more into the classic than the cutting edge and are a history buff, you could even become a car historian.

Having a knack for research and an interest in older cars, you could become a resource expert, author, or archivist.

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