5 Signs You Have a Perfect Recent College Grad Resume

by guest author, James

You’re done with college, and it’s time to start your job search. You’ve heard that you need a recent college grad resume, so you sit down to write one. But how can you ensure that it is perfect? What should you include and exclude? This blog post will continue to discuss five signs that your resume is ideal for recent college graduates!

It’s Optimized with Relevant Keywords

Remember that machines will scan your job application before it gets read by a human. Don’t get too caught up in working the words “recent grad” into your resume — that’s not exactly a search keyword that hiring managers to use when they’re looking for candidates.

Instead, make sure you use keywords from the job description in your application materials. This shows recruiters and employers that you’ve read what the company has put out there about their open position and demonstrates how well-suited you are for the role based on your knowledge of its requirements.

Your Skills are Relevant and Up-to-date

One of the reasons why resumes are important is to allow recruitment managers to find skills that are relevant to the job ad. So when they see resume skills that are not relevant to the job ad, they tend to think you’re a non-serious applicant.

That is why recent college grads must use this section wisely and ensure the included skills match what employers want.

Before you start writing, study the job description and find out the most critical skills they’re looking for.

It’s one-page Long

If you want to succeed in your job search, your resume needs to be one page long. A recent college grad’s resume is crucial because it will be their first introduction to potential employers. Having a concise and well-organized resume will show that you’re capable of taking on the challenges of a professional career.

If your resume is two pages or more, it won’t get read in its entirety. Even if you have a lot of experience, don’t include everything on your resume – save the details for the interview. Focus on what’s relevant to the job you’re applying for and make sure your skills and experiences are presented in an easy-to-read format.

It’s Printed on a High-quality Paper

If you want to make an excellent impression for the first time, your resume should be printed on high-quality paper. It’s also essential to use the correct printer ink so that the text is easy to read.

If you’re not sure how to print your resume correctly, ask someone at your local office supply store for help. They will recommend the best type of paper and printer ink to use.

Has the Correct Formatting

You don’t want to use flashy fonts or other design elements that make your resume difficult to read. You don’t want it to be simple and boring. Make sure you use a standard font like Arial or Times New Roman, with an easy-to-read size (11-12 is usually fine).

The same goes for the format of your resume. You will want a header at the top which includes your name and contact information in bolded letters, followed by each section of the resume with clear headings (like “Education,” “Work Experience,” etc.). This makes it easier for someone skimming through a stack of resumes quickly to see what they need without getting confused or frustrated by all the text on one page.

If you’re unsure about formatting your resume, consider using a template that has all the proper formatting in place.

You should create two versions of your resume: one for printing on paper (in black and white) and another that’s optimized for viewing on-screen or sending electronically as an email attachment. If you have any questions about what type is best suited for the job opening you are applying to, then ask someone at the company before submitting it so they can give advice based on their experience with other applicants!

Final Word for Recent College Grad Resume 

A resume is an essential tool when it comes to looking for a job. It’s the very first thing that employers see. Make sure you have all these details on your resume before applying for any jobs so you won’t be wasting time waiting for emails that might not even come.

Remember, your resume should make it easier and faster for recruiters or hiring managers to decide whether they want to hire you. So always double-check everything because once submitted, there are only little chances that you will get into their shortlist again if anything goes wrong with the information found in your resume.

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