Personal Branding in your Job Search: Seven Tips

Here are 7 personal branding tips to incorporate in your job search:

  1. Have a great business card. It can be really simple or somewhat complex.  It should have relevant information only, and help the recipient understand/remember who you are and what you have to offer.
  2. Have an email signature that reminds people who you are and how they can help you. Use the line right under your name as a tagline, which will have no cliche or jargon, and clearly communicates their brand.
  3. Create a strong LinkedIn Profile. I’d guess about 99% of the LinkedIn Profiles out there are pretty lame.  Sketchy, skeleton Profiles.  Do yours right once and for all.  Career Resumes does LinkedIn Profile makeovers.
  4. Figure out your 30 second pitch, then get rid of it. Really, how many good pitches have you heard?  Ever?  One?  Me neither.  The idea is excellent, our execution is pretty bad.  The idea is to concisely communicate something relevant to the conversation, and somehow let others know who you are or how they can help you.
  5. Ensure your resume somehow makes you stand out. Perhaps it could be as simple as having a link to your industry or profession blog, so the reader can learn more about your knowledge and passion online, and without the resume restrictions.  I’ll leave the resume advice to Peter Newfield’s team at Career Resumes. They can review your resume for free.
  6. Participate in relevant LinkedIn Groups. Find where your hiring managers and influencers would be, and join them as a PEER.
  7. Write an article. Post it online: search for “ezine directory” on google and you’ll find plenty of places to easily, quickly post your article.  Now, link back to that article from your LinkedIn Profile (under the websites section).

There are plenty more tips, but I wanted to give you seven quick, actionable, implementable tips.  Now, go do them!

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