Job Titles: Are you a guru, wizard, ninja, rockstar or evangelist?

Check out this post by Carolyn Menz, titled Recruiting for Gurus, Wizards, Ninjas, Rockstars and Evangelists.

I love how she starts:

Job titles can go through trends just like anything else.

When I started my job search I had an idea of the job titles I was looking for, but after scouring the job boards I learned there were titles I hadn’t heard of that I needed to focus on.  I had been out of it for so long that I didn’t know about some newer titles.

Carolyn’s post has lists of the most popular job postings with those buzzwords in them.  Read the lists if you think you are a Guru, etc.

However, let me share a thought.

It’s much, much better for someone else to call you a GURU than for you to call yourself a guru.

You saying it sounds conceited and unqualified (since you are biased).

But if someone else says it…. ?  It’s different, right?

Way different.

Here’s how you can make the two concepts meet.

In an interview you can say something like “my peers usually say I’m the team Ninja because I _____.”

Or you can say “people in the industry have called me the guru of ______.”

This way you can say you are a ninja or guru with some credibility, since it’s what others are saying about you.

Worth a try?

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