Do Recruiters Hate HR?

Another thought-provoking post on Recruiting Blogs, this one by Francois Guay titled Top 10 Reasons Why HR Hates Recruiters and Vice Versa.  According to his LinkedIn Profile, Francois is in Canada, and has experience as an HR exec and a recruiter.  His blog is Attack Defend Disrupt.

And here I thought it was just job seekers who were told to “avoid HR,” and recruiters kind of catered to HR, hoping to get more job requisitions they could fill.

Apparently it’s not that simple.

Francois Guay says his list of 10 things is “tongue and cheek,” but there’s gotta be a story or reason behind each one.  Check out the list here.

In general, he insinuates HR are kind of the bureaucrats who follow rules, just talk about stuff, love paperwork, etc., while recruiters are the people who get the job done (!!).

It’s a good post to help understand a bit more what some internal tensions are between recruiters and HR, which we as job seekers need to understand as we navigate the job search.

Here’s an interesting bonus I got from Amy Ala’s comment: “I only want to add that this applies to internal recruiters too… we are NOT HR.

Recruiters consider themselves NOT HR, but many outsiders will consider recruiting an HR function.

How does this help you, as a job seeker?

Understand that there are different advocates you can contact in an organization, as you network in.  Approach HR when it makes sense, strategically.  Communicate with your recruiter.  But understand that (a) they might not talk with eachother about you, and (b) they might not even like one another.

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