Online Job Search: Should You be Looking Solely Online?

If you are conducting an online job search, it shouldn’t be the only thing you are doing.

Ninety percent of job seekers use their cell phone at some point during their job search. People are also using  using recruitment agencies less and opting to go in on their own.

But could you be missing out on a lot of potential jobs by searching solely online? Online job hunting is the modern way of doing things, especially with more people having a smartphone in their pocket and a laptop at home. It makes it an easy and convenient way to search.

Online or not, having your resume up-to-scratch is of key importance and a good place to start. Make sure it has current information include a cover letter that addresses the jobs you’re applying for. Get a FREE and professional resume critique.

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The pros of using tech in an online job search

Around 300 million Google searches a month are job-related. Businesses are increasingly aware of this shift and are posting job openings online. They are also making online applications part of their recruitment method. Many people prefer using their home computer to search for a job. In fact, 41% of people finding it quicker and 37% report that it’s easier. You have the opportunity to look at lots of jobs in one place and apply for suitable ones with just a few clicks.

The Internet also means that you can research companies to see if you want to work for them before applying or get information before an interview to show that you’re knowledgeable.

The cons of using tech in an online job search

It’s estimated that 80% of jobs are not posted online.  Therefore, if you’re hunt is based solely on searching the web, you’re missing a massive section of potential job opportunities. Research the type of companies you want to work for. Once you find them, give them a call, go to their website or visit them to show your interest and leave a resume with them.

Be sure to follow up with them as well.

It’s likely that after an online application they’ll ask for a resume and face-to-face anyway, so you’re saving yourself time too. You’ll also be skipping the online applicant tracking systems that rule out more than half of candidates based on the information on their resume and how that matches the job description. Be sure to network and tell friends and family that you’re looking for work as you’re 15 times more likely to be hired if you’ve been referred by someone.

A lot of businesses are keeping up with how technology is changing and shaping the job hunting and recruitment process.  So online searches should definitely be a big part of your job hunt. However, it’s important to network and to physically introduce yourself to potential employers. You could even take your resume to them as this can open up job opportunities that aren’t online.

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