Ink or No Ink? A guide to job searching with tattoos

Are you job searching with tattoos? Here are some things to think about in today’s job market.

Job searching with tattoos in today’s job market

Anyone who has been seeking employment over the last few years knows that the job market right now is brutal. A college degree is not what it was 30, or even 20, years ago and finding a job that you both desire and are qualified for is harder than ever. But something else has changed over this time: the perception, acceptance, and quantity of tattoos in the workplace. And this makes sense since more people in the job market have tattoos than ever before, at about 29%. However, during the interview process, it certainly will not hurt your chances of landing the job if you cover your tattoos just to be on the safe side.

Ink Is Everywhere

A study found that laser tattoo removal was up 32%, mainly due to employment issues. But these days, it seems employers are more likely than ever to hire someone with ink. A study found that 73% of those interviewed said they would hire someone with visible tattoos. However, this is not inclusive of all tattoos. Those that are located in a potentially controversial place (hands, neck, face, etc.) can still have a negative impact. While the face tattoo seems to be a growing trend among young rappers, it is unlikely to become part of mainstream office culture anytime soon.

Acceptable For Some, But Not Others

The type of job you are interviewing for is perhaps the best determinant of whether or not a tattoo will inhibit your ability to get the job. Mainly, what type of company are you applying to and  does the position require a significant amount of Facetime with the client. The atmosphere will give you a pretty good idea if they are accepting of tattoos. Industries that many be considered more conservative are less likely to approve of any sort of body modification. A progressive business or service will generally care less about your tattoos or piercings. If you work behind a desk all day or on the phone, your appearance is likely to matter less to an employer. However, if you are the “face of the company,” your tattoos may be given more consideration.

So, will having a visible tattoo make it more difficult for you to get a job? Maybe. It really depends on the company and what your position would be within. It may be wise to cover your tattoo during the interview process just to be sure you are given fair consideration. So, if you are thinking of getting a tattoo, perhaps consider having it placed somewhere that will be no cause for concern—and that does not include your face.

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