Monday Job Search List

Do you have a list of “things to do” in your job search?  Probably.

What do you do on Monday?

I would open up my email, click on a few interesting links (and keep up on current events), and stuff like that before I tried to do anything hard or serious in my job search.

Before I knew it, it was 11am and I had wasted a few hours doing nothing to help my job search.

A few weeks ago I had the opportunity to learn from Mark LeBlanc, a small business growth strategist and coach.   I’m now a total believer in Mark’s system.  One thing from his system I want to share with YOU is to “reach out to” someone every single day.

Only one person, each day.  You can do more, but at least do more.

As a job seeker, we are told to network, and we think we need to do more, but that can be overwhelming to the point of doing NOTHING, right?

So today, Monday, pick up the phone, and REACH OUT TO someone.  Even if you don’t reach them, but leave a voice mail, you are successful.

Do this every day of the week… by the end of a year you’ll have about 250 contacts that you’ve renewed relationships with… right?

Sure, you can call 10, or 20, every day.  But at least make sure you call ONE today, and tomorrow, and Wednesday, and why not on Thursday (major U.S. holiday)… just imagine the relationships you can renew and nurture by the end of a year!!

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