Job Search Networking at Thanksgiving

Can you network over a turkey?

What better place is there?

If you get together with family and friends at Thanksgiving, you have a great opportunity to spend time with people, and help them help you in your job search.

Make it clear what you are looking for, and how they can help you, and ASK FOR HELP.

You should know how to easily communicate what you want, and how they can help you.

YOU MUST NOT APPEAR DESPERATE, or hurt.  Okay, since you are with family, you can be honest.  But realize, before they introduce you to their network, they are going to want to know you are confident, competent and professional, and you won’t appear hurt and wounded to their network.

When you go into the gathering, if someone doesn’t listen or respond the way you want them to, don’t worry about it.  Your family relationships are more important than any poor reaction you might have.

When you get someone’s attention, and it turns to your job search, keep the jargon and cliche out of your talk. You know what all the titles and certifications mean, but many times they don’t.

Go, have fun, be yourself, renew relationships.  And when the time is right, let people know how they can help you.

And then…. FOLLOW-UP!  Follow up Monday or Tuesday… and then continue to follow-up.  Be professional about it, but don’t assume that since they didn’t follow-up that they don’t care.   The follow-up is your responsibility.

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