The Job Search is 99% Communication

For the last 3+ years I’ve been speaking around the country to thousands and thousands of job seekers.  I’m writing this from a hotel room, preparing for a presentation to a group of students hoping to enhance their careers with advanced degrees!

People spend a lot of time and energy on things like LinkedIn, their resume, networking, getting ready for interviews, applying to jobs online, and much, much more.

The more I’ve thought about it, the more I’ve become convinced that the job search is almost completely about COMMUNICATION.

Whether it is written (resume, email, cover letter, social networking) or verbal (interviews, Me in 30 Seconds pitch, general face-to-face networking) or visual (body language, the clothes you wear, how you sit or walk, smiling, etc.), you are continually saying “hire me” or “pay attention to me” or “stay out of my way.”

So… how is your communication?  Can you improve on anything?

I challenge you to honestly look at what you are saying, regardless of how you are saying it, and think about how you can improve it.  I learned to write better by blogging regularly… over the last five years my writing has improved.  You can learn to speak better through Toastmasters, or by studying comedians.

Whatever specific thing you need to improve upon for better communication, do it.  It will serve you well the rest of your life!

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