Making the Job Search Better: Tips from a Recruiter

Check out this list of things companies and recruiters could do to make the job search experience better: A Better Candidate Experience: A Laundry List

I remember the high frustration as a job seeker when applying for jobs online. I know, not a great strategy… but at the time I didn’t know better.

I remember spending 45 minutes trying to get my application posted, to find out at the end there was a problem.

Or,  uploading my resume, only to have to copy and paste each section into form fields… oh how I hated the duplication!

This happened with really big companies.  Then I would wait, hopeful, for someone to get back to me.  I’d wait, and wait and wait and wait. I found out this is what they call the “resume black hole.”

Could the “candidate” (that’s you) experience be better?  Definitely.

Chris Brablc, author of the post, has some great ideas.

But you’ll see in the comments not everyone agrees.  I agree with Cora Mae’s overall point: just be respectful and treat job seekers like human beings.  But that’s not always possible, especially if you have hundreds or thousands of applications.

I know one thing – the idea of the resume black hole is creating corporate branding black eyes.  I would chat with other job seekers about some horrible and disrespectful experiences during the job search, interviews, networking, etc. that made us all think “I’m not going to shop there anymore” or “I’m not going to be a customer there anymore.”

There are a lot of reasons to make the job search process better and more civil to job seekers. I can’t believe in 2012 we are still having this conversation.  Frustrating!

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