From a Recruiter/HR professional: The #1 thing that’s wrong with your resume

Check out this brilliant post I found on CBS News: The number 1 thing that’s wrong with your resume

Evil HR Lady answers a question from a frustrated job seeker, and basically narrows in on why her resume is not effective.

It was different than what I thought it would be.  It’s not about spelling or grammar… in a nutshell it’s about what the resume is actually communicating (which was nothing but confusion).

This is one reason why I’m not an advocate of family and friends critiquing your resume… they usually know something about you to mentally fill in the gaps.  And if they don’t, they are impressed that your not the lazy bum they thought you were.

They look for grammar and spelling and are quite impressed with your credentials, even if they don’t understand them.

But your real audience… the hiring manager, the HR person, the recruiter, need to get sold on you.  Your resume needs to clearly show them that you are qualified, and the right person to bring in to an interview.

Jargon and cliche doesn’t accomplish that, even if it’s spelled right.

Check out the article here.

(props to @StacyZapar for tweeting a link to this article)


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