Do hard things in your job search

I have this running list of things I don’t want to do.  They aren’t busy-work things, they are things that make me nervous or scared.  There’s a big difference.

Let me give you an example of the difference:

busy-work: clean my work environment.  I need to do this, but it will take a few hours and it won’t necessarily help me move any of my goals forward (writing my next book, making sales, etc.)

scared: calling someone to sell them on something (I’m not a salesman, and have never been trained in sales)

I’m not talking about doing busy-work stuff… I know plenty of job seekers who do busy work in their job search.  They get to the honey-do list, their workspace is clean, their computer is well-organized… they do all kinds of stuff.  EXCEPT THEIR JOB SEARCH.  I’m not a fan of hiding from your job search in the name so all your chores.

But what I’m talking about in today’s post is the scared stuff.

Today I have my list of scary things.  Guess what?  I just finished the last one.

And you know what happened?

Nothing bad!

Only good stuff!

What I’ve learned (again… I have to relearn this one) is that DOING the scary stuff leads to good results!

Either I have good results (success), or at the very least I get to cross the scary thing off my list and be done with it.

I know you are afraid to do something today. Whether it is a big project (redoing your resume) or making a call or sending an email, DO IT!  You will have success!

Here’s a phone tip: if you are afraid of calling someone, think: “what’s the worst they could do to you?” They can’t physically assault you while you are on the phone, right?  Right.  So make the call.

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