Long Term Unemployment

There’s an article on CNN Money titled What happens when the jobless give up?

The article starts out with some profound questions, like “what happens when unemployed husbands resign themselves to relying on a wife’s income…?”

It talks about how the unemployment rate is up, even from when the recession “ended” 18 months ago (interesting!).

It talks about the three million “jobs” that are out there and suggests 4 reasons why there are still so many jobs while we have a high unemployment. (I think the second and third suggestions are ridiculous)

It suggests the longer someone is unemployed, the less employable they become (in general, I disagree).

It ends with a few paragraphs of some political thoughts.

Who knows what the silver bullet is… but here’s a thought – maybe we’re looking to solve the wrong problem?

Maybe we shouldn’t be looking for new jobs, job creation, etc.

If not, what should we be looking for?

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