Holiday Job Search

alison_doyle_job_search_expertThis is it – the week everyone says you can’t do anything in your job search.

Except put it on hold.

I’m intrigued by the arguments that you can, and should, keep doing a job search.  So when I got an email from Alison Doyle,’s Job Search expert, I was ready to learn from her.  I like what I saw… here’s her original post, and here are my thoughts:

Use holiday events to network. Absolutely.  Don’t make a jerk out of yourself.  And her warning (about alcohol) is spot on…. doing the wrong thing during these holiday parties can brand you in a way you’d wish you never heard of personal branding :)

Tips for Networking at Holiday Parties. Yes, read these tips.  Go into these parties with a strategic reason, not just to see what the latest goodies are.

Send a holiday card. I’m bad at this but it is a great way to stay on someone’s radar.  I got a handful from my business contacts and they stand out as thoughtful people.

Build your brand. Perhaps no one is there taking your phone calls or responding to email, but you can still spend time online working on your messaging, keywords, etc.  Great alternative to picking up the phone.

Alison has seven other ideas… check out her post here!

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