Can People Easily Contact You?

I’m in the hunt for a new vehicle. This has proven to be fun and stressful at the same time. I enjoy it, however I’d enjoy it more if money and time weren’t an issue!

Yesterday I met a few car salesmen as my wife and I went from lot to lot.  At one point we had a question for one of them who we had email communication with.

We didn’t have his business card, even though we met with him just a few hours earlier.  On his emails he didn’t have a phone number.


Time is money, right?

In a decision-making process I want all of the information I need at my fingertips.

And the salesperson failed to provide me what I needed to make a decision.

We had to move on.  We’ll get a new vehicle, that’s for sure.  And salespeople have a certain amount of posture where they are okay to walk away… but one of them will make a sale.

This is like a job search… when a decision-maker (hiring manager, recruiter, etc.) is getting towards the end of the decision-making process, do they have what they need from you?

Do they have your contact information? (business card / resume)

Do they understand why you are different than your competition? (personal branding)

Can they easily communicate that with their peers or bosses?

If you don’t give them what they need to make a decision you may lose out on a simple technicality, even if you are the most qualified for the job.

Don’t get sloppy – cover all your bases in the job search!

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