LinkedIn Week: Tip 4 – Be Findable

If I’m looking for you on LinkedIn, and I don’t know your name, can I find you?

Imagine a recruiter trying to fill a job – and you are the best candidate.  They don’t know your name, they are only searching on keywords.

Will your Profile come up at all?  Will it come up in the first page of results?

I hope so.

There are tricks you can implement to improve your chances of being found on LinkedIn. Of course you need to put the keywords in the summary.

But you should also put the keywords, if you can, in the current job title.

You also increase your findability by participating in LinkedIn Answers – not just asking questions (LinkedIn Tip #3 from yesterday) – but by answering questions from others.  In addition, posting relevant information to LinkedIn Group Discussions will help others find you.

Your participation in LinkedIn helps others find you…. but start with optimizing your Profile.

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