LinkedIn Week: Tip 5 – Be Interesting

When I find your Profile I want to learn about you.

Make it easy.

Don’t make me go to Google to learn about you.  It’s too messy, and I’m usually not going to find the information I want to see.

Put up compelling, interesting, relevant information.

I like to recommend that people tell stories in their LinkedIn Summary.

In addition to any other stuff you do on your LinkedIn Profile (there are at least 8 points that you can polish to make your Profile look “on purpose”), fill out your Summary completely.

Don’t copy and paste your resume into your Summary.  That won’t engage me.

Don’t write something that looks like an underpaid attorney, HR or a bad marketer wrote it.  That will be filled with cliche, jargon and fluff.

Write copy that will engage me.


Here’s one idea: think about P-A-R (Problem – Action – Results).  Tell me a STORY based on P-A-R.  For example:

When I worked at a soap company I was given the ecommerce platform and asked to improve it.  Not only did I clean up the code and make the site faster and better looking, I also made suggestions and implemented ideas that resulted in an increase of 500% revenue.

Notice the problem (kind of vaguely stated), my actions, and the result.  Pardon any grammar issues (that’s why you would hire Career Resumes for your LinkedIn Makeover, not me :p).

I bet you can put about six of those P-A-R statements up… and make your LinkedIn Profile more engaging.

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