LinkedIn Week: Tip 3 – LinkedIn Answers

LinkedIn Answers is the best thing LinkedIn has ever done, as far as features.

I love how LinkedIn Answers allows me to grow my network, nurture existing relationships, and share my brand and message with my contacts.

I challenge you to figure out a question you can post on LinkedIn Answers that will do all three of those things.

If you are looking for an executive role in Phoenix, for example, you might ask:

Where do executives network in Phoenix?

And then the rest of your question can say something like:

In my job search I’ve found the following places to be beneficial to grow my network with executives, managers, directors and board members.  Do you know of any other executive groups or clubs I should know about?

Let’s go back to the three objectives above:

  1. Grow your network. If another exec, or job seeker who wants to network with execs, sees this, they might invite you to join their network.
  2. Nurture relationships. You might not put any messaging in front of your network all year, except for this question on LinkedIn Answers.  Make sure you send up to 200 of your contacts the question via email (third page of the process).
  3. Share brand. Whether I’m a first or third degree relationship, I’ll be reminded about you – you are an exec, and you are in a job search.  One of those are temporary characteristics of your brand, but both help me know how I can help you (or, how you can help me).

LinkedIn Answers are POWERFUL.  But you have to participate.

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