LinkedIn Answers question: Are you going to manage your career differently in the summer?

I recently asked this question of my LinkedIn network and have received over a dozen responses… very interesting stuff.  My premise was that the job search is different in the summer than in any other time (especially the first quarter of any year).  I know job seekers wonder if they should even take the summer off because it seems that no hiring manager is around due to holidays, vacations, etc.

The answers all have the same feel to them – one is that “I’m in a job search so I’m not slowing down!”  The other is that what you do in a job search should be done year round.

I love the response from Olena Antonyuk, senior recruiter at NEXUS, as she writes “I am equally active in summer…”

Two lessons here – the main lesson is this: no matter what others say, DO NOT NEGLECT job search or career management duties during the summer!  The secondary lesson is that LinkedIn Answers is a terrific place to share your brand and needs with your immediate and distant network contacts!  Are you using LinkedIn Answers strategically?

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