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This week I’ve had a lot of professionals do stuff for me (it’s been a very expensive week!):

There are some contractors who are framing my basement.  My wife told me that I should just get a book and figure out how to do it myself, like her friends husbands.  I opted for straight walls that would pass inspection, and have the job done quickly and correctly.

I have had my van at the mechanics as they were finding the source of a noise.  What initially started out as a “oh, it’s probably this, which is just a $75 fix,” quickly became a very expensive fix.

My wife was in the hospital to have a baby, which was a very special experience.  It was amazing to poke around the delivery room looking at all of the equipment, realizing that it was all very planned, and the delivery team was trained and prepared.

As I watched these professionals do their jobs I’ve realized two things:

  1. It makes sense that professionals do certain jobs, and that I concede … defeat?  Sometimes I feel proud enough to want to think I could do a good enough job, but I know that there are things I should not do (if nothing else, it’s good for my sanity to know my limits).  Perhaps not defeat, just a healthy dose of realism.
  2. Tools make all the difference.  My mechanic has a hydrolic lift and all kinds of cool stuff.  The framing contractors had multiple air compressors (expensive) and that funky red chalk string (inexpensive but critical).  The doctors had all kinds of expensive-looking stuff that was well-engineered… these are not jobs that could be done with my tools (which pretty much consists of a socket set, hammer, and a few screw drivers).  

How does this relate to the job search?  How about this:

  1. Are you the right person for the job?  Do you have the time and training, and are you current on the job search best practices?  If you have the time, knowledge, etc., terrific!  If not, figure out how to get the right job search help.
  2. Do you have the right tools?  I don’t think this is as specialized as a baby doctor’s tools, but you still should have the right tools.  How are you going to organize a job search?  How are you going to network into people?  When you network into people, what tool do you give them?  Do you have a powerful resume?  

I can say I don’t need to have the tools to do my basement of deliver a baby, but I think we ALL need job search (and career management) tools.

How are you doing in this area – have what you need?

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