Job Search Ethics

Have you come across any ethical issues in your job search?  I’m not referring to the company’s stuff, I’m referring to what a job seeker does.

This week I saw a blog post (I can’t find it now) that talked about a job seeker who wanted to apply for a job, but wanted to get more information first.  So he created a fake job posting, similar to what he was applying to, and gathered resumes and salary information from people who applied to his fake posting, to create a compelling pitch for the real posting.


Some comments said it was brilliant, and even though unethical, it is how we need to survive in today’s world.

Other comments made it clear that it was unethical and the guy will probably get his justice later.

I think it’s sad that we stoop to that level and justify it … however, during my own job search I saw my values, ethics and judgements continually challenged.  It was a very trying time.

In contrast to that story, and not to look like a goody-goody, I’ll share a different story.  I remember when I interviewed at a really cool company for the perfect job for me.  I was very interested in this job, but I had just met a guy who was a much better fit than I was.

I introduced him to the hiring manager, and he got the job.


How’d I feel?  Terrific.  I don’t remember getting a thanks for that referral, but it sure felt good to “do a good deed.”

When we are at our lowest, we can choose if we are going to be unethical (and blame our behavior on our circumstances) or we can choose to do the right thing.

I have no regrets about giving that job away.

Which path would you take?

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