Klout and your Job Search?

On a Yahoo Group of PR professionals we’ve had an interesting thread about Klout.

Klout is a system that gives you a “score” to basically tell you how cool you are online.

Supposedly, some interviewers have been asking what a candidate’s Klout score is, and on the thread someone even said they heard of a candidate getting a job simply because his Klout score was higher than the other person’s.

Here’s a post on RecruitingBlogs about Klout: Karing Enough About Your Kareer Prospects Should Konvince You To Give A Krap About Klout

I personally thing Klout is something you should not worry about.  I don’t have a Klout account. I am not worried about it.

The only exception would be if you are in social media marketing, and you are supposedly an “expert,” having a high Klout score can show that you know how to, um, get a high Klout score.  Whatever that means. (it can be gamed, as can most metrics)

Should you worry about it?  Generally speaking, no.  Check out Peter Ceccarelli’s comment on that post if you are on the fence.

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