Job Search: Check your attitude at the door

Here’s the bottom line: You will be judged from the minute people see your resume. Or hear your name.  Or when they see your email address. Or when they see your LinkedIn Profile.

There are things you communicate in your job search that help people judge you.  Check out this post by Bob McIntosh at Recruiting Blogs: A bad attitude can hurt your chances in the job search

Bob’s post should be required reading by all job seekers.  You think some things you communicate might slip under the radar, but when we look at job seekers, we are looking for red flags.  Anything you communicate can be a reason for them to judge and stereotype you.

You don’t have to change into something you aren’t, of course. No one is telling you to change your entire being.  But you must understand the words you use, the clothes you wear, the way you communicate will affect how successful you are in your job search.

Imagine this:

What if you sat down for an interview and they asked you for a copy of your resume.  You stand up and pull a resume out of your pocket, unfold it, try and flatten it out, and hand it to them.

Would you ever do this? Of course not!

But you might be doing something as crazy as this by the things Bob lists in his post.  Go read his post and be more intentional about how you communicate in your job search!

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