Job Seekers: Stop Working So Hard!

Another insightful Recruiting Blogs post from a recruiter, Julie Pentis, titled: Job Seekers: Stop Working So Hard!

You’ve heard the job search is a numbers game, right?  It used to be, for sure.

Julie writes:

I had someone apply for 15 of our job openings the other day. Fifteen! And all the job openings called for completely different skill requirements. Before even opening this person’s resume I’m thinking: What a waste of my time. Just seeing those 15 messages in my inbox, I was completely turned off.

Read the entire post here – excellent advice from someone who knows!

Are you working HARD?  Or, are you working SMART?

I worked really, really hard, doing all the wrong things. But I worked hard, and at the end of the day I could say “wow, I did a lot of work today!”  But it was the wrong kind of work.  And it got me nowhere, except depressed.

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