Recruiter Insight: Top Ten Interview Blunders

Recruiters.  Whether you love them or hate them (if you hate them, you might not understand what their role is in your job search), you have to admit, they know a ton about job search interviews.

Crystal T wrote a post on Recruiting Blogs called Top Ten Interview Blunders.  You must read it.

As I look at these ten points, I think “I am pretty sure I’ve violated all of them.”  Part of this is because I like to “wing-it,” which is a lame excuse for not preparing for the interview.  Another part might be because I think so much advice doesn’t apply to me… so I disregard it.

I’ve come to realize it does apply, to all of us.  Whether we are interviewing for the $400k executive job, or the $10/hour step job, the mistakes show we don’t care enough to do it right.

One of my favorites is #7, because this concept is applicable in so many places (networking, interviews, branding statements, LinkedIn profile, email signature, etc.):

Don’t riddle your answers with vague terms like ”hard worker” and “successful” without explanations of why and how.

What do you think? Are you making any of the mistakes on the list?

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