Job Search Tool: THE PHONE

Job seekers tend to have a fear of the phone.

It weighs too much, so they can’t pick it up and make a call.  Or, pushing ALL the numbers to dial out is too tiring, so they don’t do the last 1 or 2, and the call doesn’t go through.  Or, there’s a powerful magnet that makes you slam the receiver down before the person answers.

I’m joking, of course, but that’s what it can feel like!

What are we afraid of?  The person saying “Hell0?”  Are we afraid of having a meaningful conversation?  Are we afraid of what they will think of us if we fumble?

Whatever it is, get over it, or work through it, because the phone might be the most powerful job search tool you use.

Networking involves communication… start to master this, enjoy it, and your job search will do a 180.

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