LinkedIn Profile Picture: How To Do It Right

One of the easiest things to do right on your Profile is to have a good Profile picture.

Why then do so many people do it wrong?

LinkedIn wants a headshot.

I want a CLOSEUP of the headshot.

You might have a great, professional picture, but if your head takes up less than 50% of the picture, I’ll tell you to zoom in!

I often see Profile pictures where the person’s head is 1/6th or 1/12th of the entire image.   The image is already small, people!  ZOOM IN!  I want to see facial characteristics.  I don’t care who cool the background is!

Aside from that, here are some turnoffs I’ve seen on Profile pictures:

  • ZERO facial details.  When the picture is more than just your body, like you in front of a building or a tree, and I can’t make out anything from your face.  I’ve seen this more than once!
  • Casual clothing.  The worst was a sweaty t-shirt that looks like the person just got done running a race.  On LinkedIn?  Really?
  • Distracting backgrounds.  I recently saw one where there was a bright light in the background, which was very distracting and didn’t allow me to see your face well.
  • Bad coloring.  Make sure you get good lighting and a good background, and where the right clothes… I’m no expert in color and contrast, but I’ve seen pictures where there are really hardly any features because of a bad choice of color.
  • No personality.  Smile.  It’s really as easy as that.  Look like you are a nice, approachable person.

The list could go on and on… the one easy fix for most of them is to ZOOM IN!

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