Job Search Tips for 2018

New Year = New Job Search Tips

Check out the latest job search tips for a new career in 2018!

Does your New Year’s Resolution include looking for a new job? You aren’t alone. Many people are looking for a new job this year for a variety of reasons. It doesn’t really matter why, well IT DOES MATTER, but how you go about finding a new job is the same no matter what your reason is.

New Job Search Tips for a New World job search tips

Gone are the days of beating the street and knocking on doors with “Help Wanted” signs. Most jobs these days are found through networks, working with recruiters, or online searches and platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook.

As we head further into 2018, here are some job search tips for the “new” age.

Determine Your “Must Haves”job search tips

Just like buying a car or a house (or picking a significant other), we know what our “must haves” are. Maybe you require in-dash navigation so you don’t have to use your phone. Maybe a finished basement is not negotiable. Finding someone who is willing to travel is a must!

When it comes to your next job, make a list of what you must have and what you won’t deal with. For example, are you willing to relocate or not? If not, don’t even look for jobs that are more than 5o miles away.

This will help you sift through job postings that don’t apply to you.

Get Good at Searchingsubmitting your resume

Research is an art form. It takes time to figure out the best places to search, what words to use, and how to tell a fake job posting from a real one. One suggestion is to focus on job skills (and not just job titles). Companies use different titles for the same jobs across industries.

Another tip is to use the “suggested jobs” or “similar jobs” feature to broaden your search.

Keep A Job Search Diary

Keep good records of the jobs you apply for and the companies you reach out to.

  • Copy and paste job descriptions
  • Record dates/times of phone calls and conversations
  • Keep copies of your updated and tailored resume and cover letters

Tailor Your Resume and Cover Letters

It’s a great idea to get a professionally written resume or at least a FREE critique done by a professional. Once your resume is set, you have to tweak it per job you are applying for. Same goes for your cover letter.

Be sure to include key words from the job description in order to beat an Applicant Tracking System.

Practice Your Interview SkillsThings to avoid saying in an interview

Practice really does make perfect–or at least will make you better. This is especially important if the thought of interviewing or speaking in front of people stresses you out. Check out Interview Techniques that will Land You the Job for additional help.

Prepare some questions for the interviewer ahead of time. Refer to Candidate Questions to ask the Interviewer (and impress the heck out of them) for some good ideas.

Additional Job Search Tips & Resources:

Follow-Up & Manners

Communication is key in today’s job marketing. With so many ways to communicate, there really is no excuse for late or non-existent communication. You don’ like your time wasted so be sure to be courteous of others’ time as well.

Interview follow ups and Thank yous are in order. If you end up not getting the job after going through the interview process, it is a good idea to ask for feedback. Hopefully it well help you prepare better for the next one.

Negotiate. Negotiate. Negotiate.job search tips for 2018

When you are offered a job (yay!) don’t accept it immediately. Take some time to review the offer. Make sure the benefits, vacation time, salary, culture, etc. are all in line with your “must have” list. Do some reading up on negotiating if there are things about the offer you want to discuss. Read Negotiating a Job Offer (or anything else you want) for additional ideas.

Happy job hunting and good luck in 2018! This is your year!

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