Candidate Questions to ask the Interviewer (and impress the heck out of them)

Do you have any questions for me?

You’ve made it through most of the interview. You answered all the common questions and aced the hard behavioral interview questions.

The last interview question can be the hardest to answer:

“Do you have any questions for me?”

Undoubtedly, you do have questions, but if you don’t prepare for this part of the interview it can get awkward real quick. Remember, the interviewer is hoping you will ask questions. So have at it.

Candidate Questions to Ask That Will Really candidate questions Impress

The following candidate questions were compiled from 100,000 interviews conducted by a team at The Muse. These were the ones the stood out from thousands of mundane questions like, “what’s it like to work here?” To read the full article click here.

Ask these instead:

“Who does _____?” or “How do you get ___________ done?”

This shows that you have insight into the position and places you in the role you’ve applied for.

“Why Does This Role Matter to the Growth of the Company?”

This question shows that you are interested in more than just what the interviewer thinks of you. It also proves that you want to make an impact beyond your own role or team and get a feel for how you’d fit into the future plans of the business.

“Could I Meet Some of the People I’d Be Working With?”

This question shows that you understands the importance of cultural fit and team dynamics and that it matters to you.

“Why Has the Person in This Role Decided to Leave?” / “Who Had This Role Before?”

This can reveal many things. Was the person a bad fit? Did they get promoted or move to different company? If the recruiter hesitates or becomes evasive, that could tell you everything you need to know!

“What Do You Like Most About Working Here?”

As a candidate, it’s the perfect question to catch the recruiter a little off-guard and get an honest answer. Regardless of what they say, you can probably gauge how they truly feel about their company, which gives you another indication of whether it’s the right fit for you.

“Do You Have Any Reservations About Me or My Qualifications?”

First of all, it takes bravery to ask this question. It’s gutsy. And it gives you the opportunity to address any concerns up front and in person.

“How Do You Deal With Professional Disagreements Within the Team? Can You Give Me an Example?”

This is another question that shows that you care about team dynamics and understand that how a team works together can make or break the success of projects.

What other examples do you have of great candidate questions to ask an interviewer? Post them in the comments.

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