Job Search On The Road

I travel A LOT.  It’s not as much a some people think, but it’s a lot.

After years of travelling like I do I have some systems in place. I can pack pretty quickly and have just what I need when I get on the road.

This summer I hope many job seekers hit the road and take a vacation.  Even if it is a campout in the mountains (low cost vacation) or some kind of road trip, it’s good to get out, change your surroundings, and just recharge.

Here are some things you need to continue a job search while on the road:

  • A good auto reply setup on your email.  If someone emails you and you might not get back to them in a day or two, make sure they get something that says that. My auto reply says I might not be close to my email for a while, so they aren’t expecting a quick response. When I do respond I think they feel special, knowing I didn’t have to get back to them but making an effort to respond.
  • A cell phone, and charger.  My cell phone holds a charge for about five hours, so I always have to have a charger, or else I’m not available.  Make sure you have your cell with a wall and car charger so you can keep it charged.  You don’t have to take every call, but you want it with you in case “that call” comes in and you want to respond to it.
  • An internet connect, so you can check your email.  Ideally you would check your messages once a day, just in case “that email” comes through. But don’t be tempted to reply to every single message.  This is a time to recharge, not let your email own you.
  • Access to your resume.  If someone emails you asking for an updated resume, the last thing you want is to have to wait until you get back home.  An easy way to have your resume at your fingertips is to email it to your web-based email system (like gmail, yahoo, aol, etc.), so you simply  have to open that email, download it, then forward it on.
  • Business cards. Have you ever met someone, though they were really cool, then had no idea how to get in touch with them, or even remember their name?  It happens all the time.  If you are on the road you don’t want to be that person.  Take business cards so people can get back with you – they might be the best network contact you find!

Five ideas to make your road trip work, while still doing a job search.  Treat yourself to a road trip – you don’t have to be chained to your home office while out of work.

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