Job Search: Chicken List

A few years ago I heard a speaker at a local job search club talk about the Chicken List.

His Chicken List was a list of people he was, for one reason or another, afraid to call.

I was perplexed, since I thought this was the coolest, best-networked person I knew.  He had it all going for him, and I couldn’t imagine he would hesitate to call anyone.

But he was, and he had his Chicken List.

His advice was to call someone from that list every day, until the list went away.

That’s what he did.  He worked through the list.

He didn’t get far with some people, who were rude jerks.

But with other people he got lunch appointments.

The biggest benefit, though, was to work through and get rid of the chicken list.

Can you imagine how freeing it would be to not have a Chicken List hanging over your head?

You know you should call them, but you are just, well, chicken!

Make the calls.  They aren’t going to reach through the phone and punch you.

The worst they can do is hang up on you, or cuss at you, or talk badly about your mother… really, how bad is any of that?

YOU WIN.  Scratch them off the list, forever.  But at least make the call!

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