Job Search Expenses that are tax deductible

When I started my job search my accountant/attorney brother said to save the receipts, because they are most likely tax deductible.

I lost my job in January and was convinced I’d have a job soon.  I was also convinced that what measly expenses I had in my job search would not amount to much, and that I’d lose my receipts in the next 15 months, when I did my taxes for that year.

I was wrong.  My job search went on for a long time.  And I’m now a believer in investing in your job search, and keeping track of those expenditures.

Alison Doyle, the job search expert at, recently wrote about job interview travel expenses.  It’s a good read with some links/resources that can help this make more sense.

My message to you is the same as the message from my brother: keep track of it.  It will add up, and before you know it you’ll have a significant amount to write-off.

BONUS: many of you know I created, a great job search organizer.  In JibberJobber there’s an “expense tracker” where you can log those expenses.

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