Do Your Recruiters LOATHE You?

Check out this article on RecruitingBlogs: 5 Things Recruiters Loathe But Hate to Admit.

As a job seeker you can’t really do anything about #2, #3, #4, or #5 (you probably didn’t even know about #5).

You should read the article to get an understanding of what kinds of things ruin the day for a recruiter.

What I want to focus on is #1: We can’t stand serial callers and/or bugaboo candidates.

I know you are sensitive to when you should call after you apply or interview.  You don’t want to call too soon and seem annoying, and you don’t want to call too late and seem disinterested, right?

It’s so hard.  Some people are weird about it, and different people have different thoughts.  But here’s one thing you can count on:

Calling too often (daily?) is just flat out annoying.  I bet there are people out there who were the best candidate, and perhaps were going to get an offer, but they became so annoying that they cut their chances of getting the offer.

Because they followed up too much.

Please have some social tact.  Sometimes silence is good, even if it drives you nuts!

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