How To Make Job Descriptions 1000 Times Better

On Recruiting Blogs Assaf Eisenstein writes The Art of the Job Description. He has some good ideas for recruiters (and HR) to write better job descriptions.  Assaf has 5 points to make job descriptions better.

I agree that those five points can help.

However, one of my major frustrations, and a frustration I hear around the country from job seekers, is that job descriptions lack a critical data point: the salary range!

Why don’t companies put salary rangers on the job description?  If I know a job would only pay $40k, and I needed to make $70k, I wouldn’t even waste my time on it.  I could move on and find jobs that were more aligned with my needs.

But I found many jobs that had the same titles and similar descriptions to those I was looking for that paid tens of thousands less than what I NEEDED to make.  I wasted time on what looked perfect, only to find I’d have to have two jobs to make ends meet.

If I could focus on opportunities that were in the right range, I would have probably saved days and weeks of going after the wrong jobs. And I probably would have had less “resume black hole” and more significant conversations with the right people.

Please, please, please, to those who write job descriptions, please put the salary ranges back in!

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