Resume Tips from a Recruiter

Well, the economy seems to be picking up. I’m hearing good news across the country, from people in my audiences to my JibberJobber users (JibberJobber is an online job search organizer).

Your resume is one of the key tools you need to have ready.  I wasted the first week of my job search looking for my old one before I decided to write a new one.

Knowing what I know now, I should have just paid a professional to write my resume.

Here’s an excellent DIY post, if you want to write your own resume: Your Resume the Key to new Opportunities

Once done, send it to Career Resumes for a free resume critique. Or, if you are too busy with other job search tasks (it’s really a busy time, and many people don’t have the time or mental bandwidth to write their own resume (I didn’t – it was stressful trying to brag about myself)), check out the professional and executive resume writing services from Career Resumes.

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