How Do You Say “I’m Sorry” In Your Job Search?

We all mess up, don’t we?

What if you miss a call?  Do you make an excuse, perhaps a white lie, that makes it sounds like you had another important meeting that ran later than expected?

What if you show up late?  Do you blame traffic?

What if you send the wrong email to the wrong people?  Is it a technology glitch?

Here’s what I’ve found: the best way to start the conversation is with a simple, conclusive: I’m sorry.

That’s not:

I’m sorry, but______

I’m sorry, and ______

It’s simply I’m sorry. I made a mistake.

Honesty, especially without excuses, is powerful.

If you make a mistake in your job search, own the mistake, apologize, and figure out how to move on.  Sometimes you’ll need to provide more information, but many times just recognizing it, owning it and sincerely apologizing is what you need to do.

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