Millenials: WATCH OUT! The next generation wants your job!

My favorite line from Sandra’s post, titled An Opportunity to Work, is this:

So watch out Millenials, while you are worrying about your “personal brand” and fussing about it if you have to work overtime and your company doesn’t give you lunch and facebook at work.  I think i have just seen a generation coming out of this recession who already know what it feels like not to be able to find a job or get laid off.

That’s at the end of a great story about Sandra, a recruiter, who tries (usually in vain) to find help for her horses and farm/ranch duties.  She says it’s been really hard to find people who she can count on…

Until recently.  The story is brilliant, and fun, and inspiring.  You can read the whole thing here: An Opportunity to Work!

I hate to get political, but I don’t agree with her last line: I think it may be time to shut those borders down and give our kids “AN OPPORTUNITY TO WORK”

I don’t want to talk about whether we should or shouldn’t do with the borders, or what we should or shouldn’t do with illegals, so let’s keep it job/career related.

In general, people are happy to have others do work that is “below them.”  Or, they refuse to do work that doesn’t pay what they “should make.”

It’s your choice to work as a [dishwasher/maid/_____], and it’s their choice.  This is supply and demand at its finest, isn’t it?

My point: the kids always have an opportunity to work.  They just need to get out and hustle (like the kids from her story), and they need to continually hustle, not giving up after a few hours or days.


  1. Linda Sommer on August 5, 2012 at 4:09 pm

    I think we have given our young people two very unhelpful illusions.

    First, that everybody gets a trophy just for showing up and second that if you go to school for a career you will actually work in that field.

    Education is not job training and we need to set the record straight. Many wonderful careers have been born out of the serendipity of what job you get…and out of the effort you put into learning after school.

    Not everybody gets a trophy but everyone who wants to work hard at what’s at hand has a shot.

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