Candidates (that’s YOU) vs. Recruiters: What do Recruiters think Candidates think?

Check out this fun post by Amy Ala: What Candidates Really Think – A Cautionary Tale for Recruiters

If you’ve been in a job search more than six weeks you should have your own strong feelings about recruiters.

Six weeks into my job search I was confused and disappointed.  I didn’t understand the recruiter/candidate relationship.

In Amy’s post, the candidate (Ted), is in high demand.  I, on the other hand, was a less-technical generalist. I had an MBA and had worked in management long enough to make my technical skills too weak and unappealing.  Big difference between me and Ted.

But the recruiter thing was still very confusing, and I began to despise and perhaps hate how I was treated.  They didn’t communicate anything to me.  So I was left in the dark.

What do YOU think of your recruiters?  Is it more like Ted (who is in demand), or more like me (who didn’t know what was going on)?

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