Give Your Summer Job Search a Boost!

A summer job search can be difficult, but it doesn’t have to be.

Does your summer job search need momentum?

Looking for a job in the summer has a unique set of difficulties–mainly having to do with time and money.

Summer is a busy time of year. Backyard barbecues, vacations, graduation parties, family reunions, and more. Plus, for parents–your kids are home! This can lead to the added expense of child care and/or less time to focus on your summer job search.

We get it; it’s hard to stay enthusiastic about looking for a new job even without the added distraction of summer. However, here are some easy tips and things you can do that will keep it going without taking up too much time!

Don’t lose the momentum you have started! We are here to help!

1. Update Your Resume/Get a Professional Critique

Take an hour or two to review your resume. You can print it out and take it on vacation with you. Or read it while drinking a cup of coffee and watching the kids play in the yard. Once you have gone over it and are sure your information is updated and relevant–take the extra step and get a FREE professional resume critique. Did we mention that it is FREE?

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2. Network at Every Event

Use your summer social events as a way to network for your summer job search. Be sure to let your friends, family and acquaintances know that you are looking for a new job. Give them some insight into what type of job, industry, and company you are looking for.

Spend some time creating a “social event job pitch” so you have it ready when the occasion arises.

For example:

Friend: “How is your summer going?”

You: “Great! I am excited about looking for a new job. I really want to find something in the ____________ industry. Do you know anyone working at ___________ company?”

3. Keep Applying

Many companies, HR professionals, and recruiters take time off during the summer–just like everybody else. What also happens is that a lot of job seekers also take time off from their job search. This means less people are applying for jobs so you have a better chance of being noticed when you applying during the summer months. This is why it is extremely important to keep your foot on the gas of your summer job search.

We hope you have found these simple summer job search tips helpful. Good luck out there, and we are here for you!

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