Finding Work is Work

Finding Work is a Full Time Job

How do you find time to find work when you already work a full time job? That is a tongue twister and just as frustrating.

The first steps to finding a new job are to figure out where you want to work and what type of company and culture suits you best. Then, research the companies you want to work for.

Set Aside Time Every Day for Finding Work

If you are already working and looking for a new job, treat your job search like a part-time job. If are currently not working, treat it like a full-time job.

There are a lot of thoughts, ideas, articles, books, classes and mountains of information on how to find a new job. Which things should you be doing?

Greg Faherty, owner of and author of: The New Guide to Writing a Perfect Resume, says:

“The main thing in any job search is that you should be doing everything you can to find a job. They say finding work is work, and it’s true.”

Have Your Resume Written by a Professional

Faherty goes on to reveal that a professionally written resume should result in at least three phone interviews for every 10-15 times you submit it. Conversely, a personally written resume will most likely only garner one phone interview for about every 50 times you submit it.

While these numbers are estimates, they still prove that getting your resume critiqued by a professional will dramatically reduce your time spent finding work.

Additional Tools to Help with Job Searches

Try ALL of the things listed below (and other tools and strategies you comes across) until you land your dream job–or at least your next job! It can’t hurt!

Happy Job Hunting. Good luck out there and let us know how we can help!

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