How to Create the Perfect Email Signature

Your email signature is part of your professional brand and should reflect positively on your career and job search.

Your email sign-off is like handing someone your business card. You want it to be professional and show your personality.

Note: If you currently work for a company, check to see if they have guidelines or requirements for your work email. Be sure to follow them.

If you are job searching or looking to change careers, keep reading for some great tips on how to craft your professional email signature. These suggestions can also be used if you are self-employed or your current job does not provide any guidelines.

Keep Your Email Signature Simple

You want it to be easy to read with the most important information (how to contact you) easy to find. Start off by including:

  • Name (Don’t forget to include things like PhD, CPA, ESQ, or other things that indicate your certifications and degrees if they are relevant.)
  • Position (If you are currently looking for a new job, not working, or don’t want to reveal your current job title, you can either leave this off or include something that indicates what you are looking for. For example, Writer and Editor, Mechanical Engineer, Teacher, etc.)
  • Phone number
  • Email (If you have been using the same email address since you were a teenager and it is something like or than we strongly suggest you create a new email account using your name so as to appear more professional.)
  • Website (Only include this if it will help your job search or career.)
  • Logo (This is relevant if you own a company are are crafting your email signature for your current position)

These are the basic items you should include in your email signature.

Additional Things to Consider Including in Your Email Signature

To add more personality and important information, consider including the following:

  • A professional photo. A headshot of yourself is a nice touch and allows people to see who you are before meeting you. Just be sure to use a professional picture that will make a good impression. It doesn’t necessarily have to have been taken by a professional photographer, but it you should look business like.
  • A link to your LinkedIn Profile. This is especially important and helpful if you are looking for a new job or looking to make connections in your current career. If you include this link, be sure your LinkedIn profile is complete and up to date. For ideas on this check out Using LinkedIn in 2020 for Your Job Search.
  • Fonts and Colors. Make sure you use fonts and colors that are easy to read. This is an area where you can get a bit more creative and show your personality (while remaining professional.
  • Legal Disclaimer. Your current job may require you to include this. If you are crafting your email signature for your job search, this may not be as important.

Note: If you are looking for a new job it is not always necessary to put links to your other social media platforms unless they relate directly to your search. For example, if you are an artist or musician looking for employment related to these talents and you use Instagram or YouTube to highlight your work, than this would be appropriate. Just be sure EVERYTHING in your feed is professional. If not, leave these links off.

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